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*sighs heavily*

LoL, well I guess I take the blame for bringing the misfortune to the game. *smacks herself on the hand* Bad me.

I'm really sorry I haven't been updating but these past two weeks at school- well to some it up quite bluntly, they've been hell and as much as I am a loser and really have nothing to do and surf the net all of the time to compensate, some greater power tried to prove to me that I had a social life and someone did a damn good job of it too. Becasue my stress and workload have been at an ultimate high. Sorry for not saying anything sooner, I have had no intentions of dumping this game.

And for those of you that are leaving, gosh you guys I am so sorry you have to go. I mean you guys really had a cool thing going while it lasted and I am sooo incredibly jealous that I couldn't be here to spend a greater part of it with you people. You have my blessings and take care!

I just wanted to say I've missed posting and I expect to kick back up with it soon. *hands everyone a MD* And for all of you that may or may not be a college student I hope you have the best damn spring break ever!

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