Piper (piper_g) wrote in saiyjins_ooc,

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Slacking off...

...and if you are, too, then here's a way to kill some more time, if you're interested. *g*
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Wow, that's impressive! Now if I could only print it out and do it...

Good job though!
Ack! I'm glad you like, though! :)
I think it's great!
Wow, that must have taken a lot of time. Time you could have been doing something MATURE!

Seriously, I'm very impressed!
What, you mean I'm actually supposed to do the homework for my classes? *g* No, really, it didn't take too long. And it was FUN!
Wow, it didn't take you long? That's amazing!

Deleted comment

I'm glad you like. But really, it wasn't that hard; there are a few shareware programs out there you can use to build puzzles like that and all you need to do is supply the clues and the answers. It's pretty fun!
Ooooh... *prints it out* Yes, this'll be a fun time killer. I'm impressed!
Aww, thanks! *g*