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Just a quick thought..

... And a quick question. For Vez, mostly.

Vez, how do you pronounce your name? Is it "vez-lay", "vezehlay", or just some weird sounding tongue-slip that I will surely grasp no hold of? Oo;

Sorry, I was just curious... I have been for a while. It's kinda hard to talk to your clan about the characters in this game when you don't even know how to pronounce the name of a good handfull of them.. ^^;

Speaking of which-- Kia, how do you pronounce your whole name??

God, I'm SUCH a loser!
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It's pronouced Key-ah, just like the car Kia is. But no, she wasn't named after a car. There's a type of liquor called Tia Marrie and we figured with her mother being a raging alcoholic, she gave her a name that was almost the same as a name of booze. *g*
*laughs* That has to be the best inspiration for a name-- "her mother was a raging alcoholic" goodness me, I think I'm going to copy&paste that phrase, blow it up, render it, and make it a wallpaper.

on a side note.. atleast I know what to tell my dork clan at school where her name really came from =D BEER!
Nooo, not beer, liquor! *g* Or, just tell them she was named after the car.

Well, Vezelay is actually a French word. In all actuality it's a name of a medieval French city. When I was trying to come up with a cool name for her, my Romanesque art notes were out and that city's name popped up and I thought it'd make a good name.

If it's French I would suspect that it'd be pronounced "Vezehlay." But I don't really like the sound of it in French and when I say it myself, I don't pronounce the "-eh-" part in the middle so much. It ends up sounding like "Vezely" when I say it, with less emphasis on the middle "e" and not so much of a "lay" but a "ly" on the end instead. I hope that helps.

Of course it's easier just to call her Vez. :P