Piper (piper_g) wrote in saiyjins_ooc,

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Quick heads up

I'll be out of town tomorrow night through Sunday at Ohayocon, so I most likely won't have a chance to update for a few days. Just so you know.

And whilst I am on the subject of anime cons, I'd like to encourage anybody who might possibly be make it out to Pittsburgh March 29-30, or who knows people that might, to check out the Tekkoshocon website. I'm the publicity/publications chair and I can tell you that we're working hard behind the scenes to make a lot of cool stuff happen!
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Thanks for letting me know. *g*
OMG YOU ARE NOT GOING TO OHAYOCON! *giggles like a school girl*

I'm going too...hehe! I'm going Saturday I think would be best, I'm so excited. Maybe I'll even see you there! You never know!