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saiyjins_ooc's Journal

Saiyjins Unite Out Of Character
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This community is a place for member and lurkers of the LJ RP game "Saiyjins_Unite" to post Out of Character ((OOC)) things that they find other members might find interesting.

This community is to have a place to post things that you feel members of the game might be interested in, but really have little to nothing to do about the game. (For example, if you watched a terrific anime and thought that others in the game might find it interesting. Or read a great book, played a great video game, whatever. If it's totally non-game related, but you want folks playing Saiyjins_unite to know about it, you can post it here.

It is also a place for you to make OOC comments about the game, as a Player not a character. Like, for example, if you wanted to comment about how amusing you think various characters are.

It's also here for lurkers, that aren't playing the game, but might be watching it, if they wanted to make comments about the game.

Yes, anyone can join this community. I would really appreciate it if ALL members of Saiyjins_Unite would join.

I do have one rule I will enforce stricktly. If you want to post images to this community, I want to see the LJ-cut tag used. No one wants to see a nine mile friends list cause someone wanted to post pretty pictures. If you break this rule I will ban you.