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Oh, this is great... Just too great.


If you haven't already been there, scroll down to the very bottom of the list, and download the vegeta song. It's his japanese voice, so you won't be able to understand a word he's saying (well, maybe).

BUT! I shall supply you all with the wonderful lyrics, as displayed
Now, you better get good and ready
I, the Lord Vegeta,
Shall cook a-plenty!

First of all, the cabbage, chop it finely
Smash it into atoms for me!
(chop it up, chop it up, chop, chop it up)
You're next, you bastard carrot!
That name of yours sounds like the word for "humans"
Small, completely spineless bastard
Your bitter taste makes one puke!
Ha ha ha ha ha !
But that tack won't work against me!
Now, slowly peel off all of the skin
Reveal, reveal, let's carve it up!
(Reveal, reveal, reveal, reveal)

Ooooh, next we have the meat of a pig!
Ah, it is so well glazed
Now you watch the fresh bastard
Violently throbbing chest, great garnish!
Now, concentrate all your power
200g in one gulp is all there is to a coma!
(Ragged, Ragged, Ragged, Ragged-ged-ged-aaah)
Alright, the challenge is with the yam!
Why you, putting on a rough exterior and all that
I'm going to strip that skin of yours!

(Slipp'ry, Slipp'ry, Slipp'ry, Slipp'ry, Sticky, Sticky, Sticky, Sticky)
You naughty bastard!
(Scrub it, Scrub it, Scrub it, Scrub it, Dirty, Dirty, Dirty, Dirty)
Twirl your hand to finish it right off!

You're oh so slippery and make me itch
But you won't defeat me
Till the end I'll scrub you out I'd bet my honor on it!

(breathing heavily)
Now, you blasted left-over scraps
I'll round each of you up to the last piece!

Mix the water in with the flour!
Stuff in some Tenkasu and egg yolks!
Drop in some shredded ginger
And mix!
(Mix mix mix)

And you bastards a while ago, oh so, so sloppy
Mix them all in one big mess
Then just cook them up on an iron plate slowly, carefully
(Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle)
And for the finishing touch, green seaweed in sauce with Okaka!
How now, have you had enough already!
Ha ha ha ha ha!

The Okonomiyaki Battle is over
Now, open your mouth wide
This is the peak of perfection!

Oh blast it,
I just completely forgot the mayonese!

Mm yes, this has been the source of my ammature humor for a bit. I hope it pleases some of you out there. *g*
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